Electronics Repair at Quigtone Music

Tim G

Goldenetz Electronics Payson Az

About: My name is Tim Goldenetz. I have had a passion for electronics sense I was a young boy and ultimately have over 40 years experience trouble shooting and repairing electronics at the component level. I was mentored early on by my a neighbor who was a Motorola Engineer and HAM radio operator. During college I worked for Sound and Intercom Systems in Phoenix Arizona installing and repairing church sound systems, from there I went to work for Motorola Semiconductor from 1985 to 2000 as a Process Engineer.  When Motorola shut down in Az I moved over to Intel Corporation located in Chandler, Az, as a Process Engineer and later an Engineering Manager. I helped start and ramp both Fab22 in 2001 and Fab32 in 2010 where we made some of the most advanced computer processors in the world. After retiring from Intel in Jan, 2020 I moved to Payson Az, and from connecting with the kind folks at Quigtone Music I realized there is a gap that needed to be filled in the Payson area for the quality repair of Guitar Amplifiers, PA Amplifiers,  Keyboards and other music related electronics.

Services: At Goldenetz Electronics we specialize in Vintage Tube Amplifier troubleshooting and repair. We have a complete, modern repair lab, and are able to troubleshoot both vintage tube gear such as Fender, Gibson, Marshall, and Peavey Amplifiers as well as the modern semiconductor equipment. We focus on high quality repairs with OEM equivalent components where possible. We work to keep vintage equipment repaired to original specifications and we stand behind our work.