Should I buy a case?


Every day we are asked the question, "should I buy a case?" There are a few things to take into consideration. Are you going to leave the house with your instrument and how often? How is the instrument stored at home? How much do you like your instrument? Maybe you only paid $100 for your guitar. Hard shell cases cost that much. But if you invest in a case you could use your money in the future to buy an additional guitar instead of replacing the one you have. Just think about where that instrument is going to be going and how much protection it will need. Playing at church I choose a gig bag ($40) for the fact that my bass is never in harms way. I get it out of the gig bag when I get there, it stays on the platform away from everyone except the worship team, then it gets packed up and leaves with me. Any place that you are setting up and tearing down, or changing bands, such as an outdoor venue, club, or bar, I always show up with my instrument in a hard shell case. And traveling always calls for a hard shell case. My acoustic guitar has been to Hawaii, Cancun, Catalina Island, and all around the southwest. The case is a little thrashed now, but my $1000 guitar still looks and plays amazing. I personally would rather replace my case instead of the guitar. But the choice is yours and we at Quigtone Music will happily repair or sell you a new guitar as often as needed!